Copyright Guidance Gives Content Marketers an Easy Decision on AI vs. Human Content

“In very short order as an industry bridging content creators and AI technology, you will decide if the tool in question is true AI, operating from a true learning model or if it is fake AI simply scraping content and reassembling it,” Robert says.

The U.S. Copyright Office has issued guidance stating that copyright laws only protect work created by humans. Generative AI-generated tools, therefore, cannot be owned by individuals or brands who used them to create content.

Legally, the Copyright Office is still in the process of determining whether AI-generated materials are the product of "mechanical reproduction" or of an author's "own original mental conception, to which [the author] gave visible form."

However, experts warn that marketers should carefully consider which content they choose to produce with generative AI as such tools may not create unique content and it may not be clear who owns the resulting work.

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