New Research Reveals Gap in Employee Retention and Performance within Contact Centers

Centrical report finds over 50% of contact centers will add gamification, want to reduce attrition rates, and more.

Centrical report finds over 50% of contact centers will add gamification, want to reduce attrition rates, and more.

Centrical, a global SaaS company, and pioneer of a next-generation employee engagement and performance management platform, has released a new industry trend report on the 2022 global state of contact center employee retention and performance.

The industry report is compiled feedback from 245+ contact center leaders from around the globe with company sizes ranging from 101-10,000+ employees.

Centrical CEO and Founder, Gal Rimon shared: "From the survey, we received very clear insights on where contact center leaders' mindsets and priorities are today. Employees are doubling down on their expectations, customers are more demanding than ever before, and to remain successful you must invest in your frontline employees and put them at the center of your business."

The report includes insights and feedback on what contact center leaders currently think of workforce engagement management, how well their employees are performing, the impact on CSAT, and their top initiatives and priorities for 2022-2023.

Key insights include:

  • Attrition trends: 52% of respondents agreed that employee attrition is highly correlated to the quality of the employee-manager relationship
  • Leadership focus areas: 90% of contact center leaders indicate improving employee experience is a top priority for 2022-2023
  • Top priorities: 54% of respondents plan to add gamification in the next 12 months

"It's easy to say that contact centers need to improve the employee experience to reduce attrition, but it isn't so simple," said April Crichlow, CMO, Centrical. "Many factors are at play, from wages to interactions with managers, clarity of KPIs, increasing customer demands, and a host of other issues. Given Centrical's expertise and knowledge in the contact center, we felt it was critical to provide real-world insights and an action plan that all leaders can utilize to address retention and performance gaps given today's climate."

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