What Is the Optimal Pattern of a Customer Journey?

Most managers now understand that they must deliver value not just through their offerings, but also from the entire customer journey. Doing so improves customer satisfaction, bolsters sales, and grows customer lifetime value.

Cx leaders who want to optimize the customer journey need to determine the most impactful touchpoints that are most beneficial for a successful customer experience. To do this, the customer journey should be broken down into continuous patterns of mental experiences that occur over time.

One study found that customer experiences that improved over time or remained consistently positive were the most successful, whereas those that deteriorated over time or were inconsistent were the least successful. It was found that investing in the end value, slope, peak, and sentiment score of the words used to describe the patterns are the best features to predict outcomes such as satisfaction and willingness to pay.

Managers should invest in Peak-end Rule, mapping out emotions, end on a high note, add variety and eventfulness, and invest in later touchpoints.

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