Global TikTok creators depend on U.S. viewers. A TikTok ban would be devastating

“The American influencer marketing ecosystem generally sets trends for influencer marketing around the world. But there’s so much creativity and innovation on social media globally,” Angela Simaan, senior director of communications at Obviously “

TikTok creators are worried about the possibility of a U.S. ban of the social media platform, including Gilmher Croes, a full-time creator based in Aruba with over 35 million TikTok followers, 40% of whom are in the U.S.

The Biden administration has already backed a bill called the RESTRICT Act, which creates a pathway for a national TikTok ban, leading to concerns from creators with a heavy reliance on brand advertising deals that mainly target the U.S. market.

The US accounts for only 150 million of TikTok's nearly 1 billion monthly active users, but the strong U.S. market is a particularly important slice of the platform, which means many creators who depend on their income from it are watching with trepidation.

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